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A Note for Guests with Allergies
(also for Vegans/Vegetarians)
Good day!
Thank you so much for visiting our humble restaurant. Throughout the years, we find the necessity to create products that people with allergies can safely try. This is especially true for our Celiac guests. As a result, we have collected the required ingredients, experimented with them, and created products that aren't just scrumptious, but can also be tried by everyone. We love our community, and we are blessed that our community also supports us.
Gluten Allergy

We had created a gluten free tempura batter. 

This is different from our default batter.

Additionally, we are using a dedicated deep fryer for gluten free items so no cross contamination could occur.


Most of our sauce are Gluten free. 

Moreover, all the sauce that we're using for our rolls are Gluten free. 

We will also provide a Tamari shoyu (Japanese gluten free soy).

These are the items that CANNOT be made Gluten-free:

  • Gyoza

  • Shrimp Dumplings

  • Seaweed salad

  • Fish eggs

  • Tamago

  • Unagi

  • Noodles

  • Globefish Buns

  • Takoyaki

  • Stuffed Prawn 

  • Chili Coconut Shrimp

Additional note:   


We are using 'imitation crab' for most of the rolls by default. In order to make it gluten free, we have to use a real crab which costs $5 extra.

Dairy Allergy
Sesame Allergy

Our Teriyaki sauce has a small amount of butter. Consequently, this is why you can't have our Beef/Chicken Teriyaki meal and Beef/Chicken Teri Roll.

Some guests who are also allergic to Eggs shall avoid anything with Mayo/Spicy Mayo. We can switch it up with different sauce that is safe for you, but please, always inform the server.

Desserts: We a have a Cheesecake that is Dairy free! Well, they used non-dairy ingredients to create sweets that has a texture of a real Cheesecake.

Globefish Kensington's Spicy mayo and sauce do not have sesame oil anymore. 

Nuts Allergy

Nuts can only be found in some of our desserts

To our Vegan Guests,

D espite the nature of our business being a sushi restaurant, it is our desire to showcase to you the Japanese cuisine. Our goal is to bring Japanese culture close to everyone's heart through the diversity of country's food.

We had added an extra page in our menu dedicated for Vegan guests. We are assuring everyone that the ingredients (including the sauce) are vegetarian, hence, no animal by-products are used. Some Vegan items can also be found in certain sections of our menu. Please ask your server for guidance.

On the other hand, we are using Dashi / Dashijiru which is a backbone of many Japanese dishes. In our case, it is a fish stock. We use it for our miso soup and tempura sauceWe are currently working on making a tempura sauce that is Vegan. We will be so excited to make an announcement once we finalize it.

Like what we're saying for our guests with allergy, please always inform your server so we can assure that you will have the items that're in accordance with your preference.

Update:  The mayo that we are using now for our salads (not rolls) is egg free! We'll use it for the rolls too in the future as soon as we can already make it in huge quantity.

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