Order with convenience while keeping everyone safe. 
There's no need to use the pin pad machines to pay. Just place your order online or through our app, pay in your home, then get ready to pick it up.
To make things better, you'll also enjoy the 10% discount*
Curbside Pick-up Instruction:
Please call us when you already arrived on our parking lot and we'll be happy to deliver it to your car. 
Alcoholic drinks are now available online!
* Please understand that the discount is only valid on our Kensington location. And, ONLY orders placed through the website or app are discountable.
 * Alcohols and Sushi Bentos are NOT included
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Snowy day. Slippery road. Feeling lazy?
Click the link below and someone will deliver it to you.

Business Hours

Sunday                           2:30pm    to 9:30pm (Last Call)
Monday - Friday              11:30am  to 9:30pm
Saturday and Holidays     12:00pm  to 9:30pm
Last sitting at 9:00 pm. Building closes at 10pm.